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Kanji Clinic, by Japan Times Columnist Mary Sisk Noguchi

ZDNet, which awarded the program Four Stars as its Editor's Picks

  • Unfortunately, that was a while ago - the link is now obsolete. It has disappeared into black hole of cyberspace, no doubt. However, I've kept the four star award badge that went along with it - I'm very proud of it:
I am really convinced that Heisig's system and your software are the best and most efficient way to learn the Kanji. I have tested many systems and software programs, but nothing else comes even close.
Cyberdao Werner
[KanjiCan] was a big help in getting all the meanings down in a short time. After 6 months of using the program, I was accepted at a translation school and I now work as a translator.
Nagoya, Japan
I am so happy to tell you that I no longer have to make up my own stories. I am just too busy to spend the time that takes.
B.B. Copps
Xining City, Qinghai, PRC
Kanji mnemonics is an important part of my own personal learning plan, and I think your software is an outstanding product!
William Reed
I have utilized KanjiCan software (www.kanjisoft.com) for my review sessions which allows me to sort the flashcard mode by Heisig's index, using only the English keyword. On my first test of the first 400 kanji and 35 primitives I missed 71, or about 15%. Not bad considering I only studied the 400 kanji in one week!
Jason Webber
Sakura City, Chiba
Nice! I find the most valuable feature to be the flashcard drills. I have constructed my own database of flashcards, and I really feel the drills have immeasurably enhanced my ability to learn new kanji quickly and painlessly. I think my learning curve is going to jump through the roof very quickly, and I'm very happy with the program.
Matthew Ruggiero
I am currently living in Japan and your program has been the cornerstone to my studies.
B. R. Speaks
I must compliment you on many of your stories. I broke out in laughter yesterday at the local library and attracted one or two curious glances. This is good because a funny story will stick faster to the mind.
Marcus Jensen
After the first 500 kanji in Remembering the Kanji I, where Heisig provides the stories for you, my study pace tumbled from lighting-speed down to an absolute crawl...I am incredibly happy to find that you've done the hard part for me!... I'm a very happy camper...[The stories] are excellent...
Douglas Janiskee
In the short time I have been using the software, I realize just how much this is helping me learn more quickly! It truly is a great combination with Heisig's book.
Jay Taradash
I appreciate your help, I was a little concerned about dealing with problems with something I bought over the phone from someone I never saw, but you've been very professional and accommodating, it means a lot to the people who are buying your stuff!
I have been testing KanjiCan 2.0 and I think it's really great! I especially like the fact that you have created ways to remember the ON-yomi. I have spent several years studying Kanji and no matter how many times I would practice writing a Kanji, a month later when I would try to recall the Kanji, it wouldn't come to mind. I think your easy to use software has solved my problems. You can be sure that I will recommend your software to others in the future.
Ken Baumann
I really appreciate your quick response and I will certainly recommend Kanjisoft to anyone who is interested in tackling "The Kanji Monster"!
Keith Adams
Sendai, Japan
From what I've seen, your product seems to be truly amazing. I've tried to work with Heisig, but got stuck after the first 500 Kanji or so (that is, when you are supposed to come up with your own stories ;-). Also, I find that even for somebody whose mother tongue is not English your stories are easy to remember and quite entertaining into the bargain. :-)
Robert Bigler
Thanks very much. Honestly, your stories are really nice; short, concise and delightfully funny.
T. Amirthalingam
Calgary, AB
I've used it to great effect - it's an awesome program.
Mike Bergfeld
The software is great! I especially like the option of being able to switch back and forth between the different ordering systems such as Heisig, Henshall, Frequency, etc. I just wish I had gotten a hold of your program before!
(name withheld by request)
My reading has vastly improved. In class I learned maybe 200 kanji in 2 years. At that pace, I wasn't going to learn much anything of value. Probably sound like an idiot from an infomercial, but now with a little help from a dictionary, I'm reading the Yomiuri Daily online.

When first studying Japanese, I heard about the Heisig method. Checked out a book from the library. Worked great on the first 500 or so kanji. Had them nailed down in about a month... I noticed that Heisig leaves creation of stories for the last 1,500 kanji entirely up to the reader!

Then I stumbled across your website. Can't remember how exactly. After 3 months using your software for 1 hour a day, I found myself capable of figuring out what any of the joyo kanji meant. Not fluent with kanji, but familiar enough to begin reading.

...another thing I love about KanjiCan-its so easy to just type my own notes amending the keywords/stories. Much better than marking up a textbook.

I feel the need to ramble because you gave me a foot in the door of reading kanji. Am eternally grateful. Have since moved on to using a kanji dictionary. Plan on purchasing a Japanese-Japanese kanji dictionary by this summer. So I'm pretty much done with the kanji-meaning flashcards.

This program is perfect for students working outside the classroom. I'm going to work as a TA at school & will strongly suggest students use your software over the summer, just introduce themselves to 100 kanji per day. Takes about an hour. This is obviously not some "shortcut to learn Japanese with no effort at all" scheme. It will take some time & effort. But it is possible to make substantial advances with your program, independently of the classroom. In fact, it works better outside of a classroom.

Anyone who knows anything about Japanese will tell you you need to study both written word & pronunciation. In the 1st year of class your teacher will drill you on pronunciation. But even written exams will stress the phonetic alphabets. You won't learn any reading or writing. You will be expected to study this on your own with flash cards. KanjiCan makes flash cards for you.

A worthwhile investment, even before enrolling in a language course. One can start using this program even if you know nothing about the language. It costs less than the 1st semester's tuition in school. And you'll learn more.

Nathan Ofstad
Plymouth, MN