KanjiCan, Version 3.1 and JLPT Vocabulary Quiz Game

KanjiCan contains over 2000 whimsical, easy-to-remember mnemonics to help you remember the kanji.

Recognize the kanji in just a few months. It really works - check out our "testimonials" section.

  • Tons of original mnemonics and componenents.
  • Mnemonics for both ON and kun readings.
  • Interface to Kanjidic updated to display Japanese characters without third party software.
  • Easy kanji lookup by pronunciation, keyword, text string, and index number.
  • Sophisticated, customizable flashcard function.

KanjiCan is based on the ground-breaking system presented in Remembering the Kanji, Volume I by James W. Heisig. The system provides a unique, highly effective solution to memorizing kanji by creating mnemonics for each character.

If you don't have the time or inclination to create your own mnemonics, KanjiCan provides these. However, you can also create and record your own mnemonics and review them.